A special thanks goes out to our friends Dusty and Shiloh Phillips, for turning the words on our heart into something tangible that we can share with the world.

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A Note from Grandpa: Michael Mummert:


As many of you know, it was almost 11 months ago when my wife and I received the phone call alerting us that our 1st grandchild might have some health issues. The news came from our son and it was basically a “heads-up” to let us know that there was a spot on one of the baby’s lungs. They (the doctors) think it is a C-Cam – which at this point in the process is really nothing to be too concerned about – but something to keep an eye on. I will not go thru all of the details, but I do want to give you a glimpse into some of the things the next several months would hold four our family.

The next couple weeks involved more visits to web-md, talking to people with medical experience, and a bunch of praying. There would be more doctor visits, more tests, and many more anxious moments. The doctors were concerned about the mass growing at a rate faster than “normal” – they were actually hoping that our grandchild would simply outgrow this spot or even that it was a false positive and nothing to be concerned with it at all. As time passed, it became evident that the mass was growing and was something to be concerned about. It was decided that our daughter-in-law and grand-baby would need to be seen by the best – enter CHOP (Children’s Hospital of Philly) – the appointment was made and as Easter 2012 approached, we were hoping that answers would finally come so we knew exactly what to be prepared for.

Ours Kids already 9 hours away from home – now travelled to Philly – several hours away – for a full day of tests. We were on pins and needles all day hoping for word – finally the call came – The kids were on the road and on speaker phone, the news was it was not a C-Cam. That is where the good news stopped…
I had a business envelope that I had turned long-ways….where I used the entire envelope to write down the list of things that the specialists have confirmed that the baby will need to deal with. There was still an unknown – they were doing some kind of test to see if our grand-baby has trisomy….

My apologies to the medical field, but my understanding is there are 3 “common” trisomy conditions that unborn babies are diagnosed with….

13…the most mild condition….of these three
21….downs syndrome
18….normally not compatible with life…(especially difficult for boys)

The results for this test would not be known for a few days (this was on a Friday) – and we expected to get the news the following week. We all took a deep breath – understanding that Life is a gift from God and that we would love this baby and do our best to support J.Michael and Emily in whatever news came their way. We prepared for life with a baby who was going to turn our world upside down – we prepared for life with a child who was going to give us a small glimpse of what True Love is all about. What kind of Love our Father has for His children.

I would love to tell you the next call we got from our son was great news and that all is fine, however, it was a call where I basically listened to my son sob into the phone – I was powerless to do anything but listen. He informed me that the results have come in and it was the worst news possible. Our grand-baby has Trisomy18 – he is a boy – so baring a miracle of Biblical proportions – our grandson would not live to be a week old, if he even made it to birth alive.

You would think the phone calls I have received could not get any worse. That was all taken to the next level on the morning of May 29, 2012 – Emily’s water broke the night before and they rushed to the hospital, only to find that Harrison James had passed away. So sometime around 2:00 am in the hills of West Virginia – we received “that” call as we were rushing to a hospital in Virginia hoping against hope that our grandson would be born alive. Later that day – we were able to hold Harrison – those moments went by way too fast – but what an impact those moments have had on all of us in that hospital room.

All of that to say this….our family was very fortunate – our son’s medical coverage was outstanding – they were not strapped by endless medical bills and a mountain of debt. Emotionally they were going thru enough, can you imagine if there was a mountain of debt that they were now making monthly payments on? Can you imagine having to make a decision …do we pay the electric bill or have a medical test? Those are decisions that families dealing with medical issues should not have to make.

Our family goal was to have Harrison’s legacy live on…

Enter – Dayton Children’s Medical Center – Even though our grandson was not treated here – we have first hand knowledge of how AWESOME this hospital is. This is a 1st class medical facility and it is right here in Dayton Ohio. They do not turn folks away – they treat children, they help families – they especially treat babies !! So Harrison’s Heroes is working with Dayton Children’s NICU to be assist families….Here’s what I can tell you….100% of the proceeds from this race that is being put together is going to Dayton Children’s NICU – We trust them – They have earned it – For many years – they have been here for families – going thru things that families should not have to deal with..medical issues for kids of all ages.

So … this message for you? what can you do?

Are you a parent?
Are you a grandparent?
Are you a son or a daughter?
An Aunt or an Uncle?
A male or a female?
If you answered Yes – then yes – this message is for you?

I work at Reynolds and Reynolds, my wife works for Beavercreek City Schools
Have you ever worked at Reynolds? Do you still work there?
Are you employed by Beavercreek City Schools?
Any school system?
Do you work?
Do you own a business?
Do you have employees?
Have you ever went to school?
again – if Yes to any of the above – then this is for you…

I enjoy running in Vibram 5 Fingers
Do you run?
In “toes shoes” ? No shoes?
The newest and latest shoes?
Are you in a running group? Do you have friends?
If you don’t run, do you walk?
do you dribble? do you hit or catch?
do you wrestle? do you tee-off? do you drive?
Do you breath- or know somebody who does?
Then yes – this is for you

Did you make a New Years Resolution?
Wanting to get in better shape?
Already active?
Ready to start?
Are you a procrastinator?
A leader?
A follower?
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Do you know me?
know my wife?
know my son?
know my daughter-in-law?
do you know another person in this world?
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We live in Beavercreek?
do you live in the creek?
Northern Kentucky?
in the US?
In the world?
if yes – then this is for you…and even if no – call me? we’ll work something out!!

Have you ever been to a Children’s Medical Center ?
Any hospital ?
ever visited somebody in a hospital?
ever worked in a hospital?
work in a doctor’s office?
visited a doctor’s office
Again – this is for you?

Back to our family real quick

Emily and J Michael are pregnant once again….we are one week away from the 20 week ultrasound. This is where – we all will find our the sex of the baby, and if there is any other potential issues to be concerned about.

This is where YOU….yes…YOU come in…..If you answered Yes to any of the questions above..I ask you within the next week – go ahead and register for the Harrison’s Heroes 5k or 10k on June 1, 2013. You can find the link off of HH’s Facebook page – or heck you could even contact me and I’ll get you all the info needed to get signed up.

We opened up registration about a month ago and I thank all of those who have already registered. I would love to see the registration process EXPLODE over the next week…by Monday Feb 4….I would love to see every person who plans on being at this race to register this week. Let this be a week where my mailbox is flooded with registrations, let my e-mail inbox blow up with inquires into getting into this race.

Wait….what is that? a 5k or 10k is not your thing? fine – you can sponsor the event – we have all kinds of sponsorship levels for the race – you could make a donation – you could sponsor other runners/walkers….you could even participate in the event in honor of a loved one of yours. If you are in a position to sponsor – work for somebody in a position to sponsor – are married to somebody in a position to sponsor – know somebody in a position to sponsor – please consider that this week. Again – contact me for the info.

So to recap – if you are alive – you can either participate/sponsor or donate to this wonderful event. If you cannot find the link to it – please contact me. I cannot tell you that you will experience wealth, health or even that your kids will get a puppy if you do, but what I can tell you is that every single dollar raised for this race will go to Dayton Children’s NICU. That money will be used to assist families going thru tough times and struggles with young kids.

Thanks for listening to me ramble…thanks for getting to the end of this….now…to borrow a phrase from a dear friend….GO…..register…