HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of children pass away at or before birth due to many factors. Our story is just one of them. It is filled with many emotions, from anger to sorrow to joy, and it all begins with a boy. His name, Harrison James Mummert.


Our son Harrison was diagnosed with Trisomy 18 in early 2012. When we got the diagnosis, we decided to continue the pregnancy, and trust in God. We would eventually start a blog, and develop relationships with other families going through the same thing. On May 29th, 2012, our lives changed forever. Harrison passed away without stepping foot on this earth in a still birth on May 29,2012. Trisomy 18 affects many families, as the child has an extra-18 chromosome. This extra chromosome proves to be deadly much of the time, as many children do not make it far into their short lives before passing. Others are able to live life for a number of years after, but there currently is no cure for full blown trisomy 18. Our family was hit with a nearly impossible decision on how to handle the death of our son. While our son was no longer with us, we decided to wanted to do 2 main things:

1) Honor his name, and the legacy he paved without truly knowing it.

2) Attempt to help families, and ultimately children who go through high-risk pregnancies like Trisomy 18.


So how have we tried to accomplish these goals? Our family loves running, and we decided that we would hold an annual race to honor Harrison’s name. We decided on the name Harrison’s Heroes because every single person who kept us and Harrison in their thoughts or prayers, every person who brought us meals during the immediate aftermath of our tragedy, or those who volunteered time to help with tasks around the house while we were gone during medical trips…..well, we know they are ALL heroes to Harrison.

Harrison’s Heroes 5K/10K was born, and we are entering our third year. We decided that the race would not only honor Harrison’s legacy, but all of the funds we raised would be used to help families who are in need. We partnered with a great Regional hospital in Dayton Children’s. They have a long history of taking care of those in need, and their NICU is one of the best in the country. To date, we have been fortunate to donate OVER $19,000 to the needy patient fund set up through Harrison’s name. This fund allows families to not have to make a choice between paying the electricity bill or the hospital bill that month. It provides a small amount of respite to families going through very traumatic and stressful times. Many families will be in the NICU for many days, weeks, or even months. We at Harrison’s Heroes want to do our part, and we would LOVE if you would help us. How can you help?

1) Run our race- When you run in our race, those funds directly help someone in need, plus you are getting great exercise, a great t-shirt, and making lasting new friendships

2) Donate below- If you are unable to run, you can donate online, quick and easy, by clicking the link below. We know Harrison’s story isn’t just a local one, so for those who are unable to make it to Beavercreek Ohio for our race, we have given you an option to donate to a great cause.

3) Sponsor our race- We cannot put on a race without great sponsors like the ones we have. If you, or someone you know owns a business and is looking to make a positive impact, please let me know. We have many sponsorship levels from small to big. You will get your name on our shirts among other things, plus you will be partnering with us for to make an impact. We wish to build long term relationships with our donors and sponsors, and would be grateful for a chance at that relationship.

A special thanks goes out to our friends Dusty and Shiloh Phillips, for turning the words on our heart into something tangible that we can share with the world.

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